The Well

Quarterly Newsletters

Our Beginnings

We opened in 2020, after nearly a whole year of fixer-upper, total-renovation. This undertaking began with $0 and total reliance on the Lord. We knew that if He was for this, He would provide. And provide He did! From ceiling tiles, to baseboards, to electricians, to plumbers – all was provided for. Some in miraculous ways! We are so thankful for God’s faithfulness. We hope that The Well’s formation and sustainment offers all God’s children a tangible witness that both confirms and inspires real faith in God’s joy to provide for His saints!

Summer 2020

Kicking off the School Year

Rising to the Occasion

With COVID-19 shifting our lives, The Well sought to help in practical ways. As families and schools transformed their old normal into new rhythms, The Well provided support. Together we celebrated families spending more time together and parent’s taking more interest and ownership of their children’s education. We celebrated teachers navigating new norms and doing their best to adjust aiming not to sacrifice the best of education. 

Closing out the Year 2020

Helping the alien

Wherever you go, whoever you meet, and whoever God puts before you, Love. In so doing you bring the Kingdom of God right here, right now.  In step with this perspective, The Well began working with a local organization called Samaritas to aid their efforts in educating unaccompanied refugee minors located in the greater Lansing area. 

Spring 2021

The Well was presented with another serendipitous – God orchestrated – opportunity in the Spring of 2021. This opportunity aligned with The Well’s ambition to help the ones who often get lost in the shuffle of mainstream education. 


2022 👇🏽